Distance Edu Learning, Inc., has committed its entire resources to creating innovative products and services that meet the needs of educational institutions, business organizations, and the military - ultimately providing the highest quality educational tools to the most critical end user - THE LEARNER!

Company Overview

Distance Edu Learning, Inc. is a leading company in the development and research of technology products enhancing learning outcomes. Distance Edu Learning, Inc., was formed by educators, experienced corporate leaders and creative software developers to address the need of online learning with a more technically superior product than currently available, and at a highly competitive price.

Distance Edu Learning, Inc., with its culture based on customer and client service provides unique care to its clientele. FINTELO, built on the patented Learner Centered Framework (LCF) will be offered to schools, colleges, universities, military services and corporations.

Distance Edu Learning, Inc. is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

Meet the People behind Fintelo

Jim Pulliam

CEO, Fintelo

Jim Pulliam retired after thirty-four years of public service in the California community college system and four years in the K-12 system in California. Jim's professional experience includes serving as a faculty member, dean, provost and founding Superintendent/President.

Kathy Becker

Co-Founder, Fintelo

Kathy Becker worked in the California community college system for 27 years and served in staff and leadership positions in the library, disabled students and human resources, leaving the system as the first human resources officer for a new, rural college. Kathy served as the Chief Human Resources Officer

Frank Gornick

Co-Founder, Fintelo

Frank Gornick is Chancellor of a community college district in California serving one of the poorest regions of the nation. Enrollment has increased three fold since 1994 while the total district revenues have been matched with an aggressive federal and state grant.

Nancy Stetson

Co-Founder, Fintelo

Nancy E. Stetson, Ed.D., was the founding president of Company of Experts.net (COE.net), a highly successful firm she founded in 1989 primarily to serve the professional and organizational needs of colleges, community colleges, schools and universities

Lisa Welser

Co-Founder, Fintelo

Lisa has twenty years of experience as a college counselor, adjunct faculty member and corporate trainer. Her counseling areas of expertise have included academic transfer, financial aid and international students