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FINTELO | Finish the distance

FINTELO is unlike any other product available in today's market. FINTELO is designed to support deep teaching, training, and learning for increased accountability, efficiency, and productivity. FINTELO is a next-generation Internet-based learning software program that makes online training, teaching, and learning more engaging, immersive, and enjoyable for teachers, trainers, and learners.

Let FINTELO help you compete.

With the introduction of the Internet, the distance that once separated nations is now one click away and the need to compete continually increases. As a result, the growth of distance learning is expanding globally at exponential rates.

Distance learning utilizes the Internet to effectively teach or train individuals at their convenience. Academic, corporate, and government agencies agree that distance learning allows individuals to achieve their career, educational, and/or learning outcomes.

Distance learning is found in K-12, home schooling, community colleges, four-year public and private colleges and universities, graduate schools, industrial and corporate training, and the military.

Fintelo Features

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Collaborative Learning

FINTELO encourages individuals to communicate like never before by offering synchronous and asynchronous communication options all in one system! Utilizing real-time chat and threaded discussion groups, they pave the way for collaboration and build a sense of community among users.

Assessment Builder & Grade Book

FINTELO’s full-featured assessment builder makes it simple to construct effective and engaging assessments. FINTELO’s assessments provide several means to measure what a user has learned through graphics, drag and drop, matching, multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, ordering, fill in the blank, and essay questions. FINTELO’s assessments can be manually or automatically graded in the grade book – saving you valuable time!

Real Time Text Chat

Each learner may join a group chat, interacting with peers in a class or workshop, engage in one-on-one dialogue, or do both simultaneously. Real-time chat facilitates meaningful conversation between and among learners about learning, as well as with teachers or trainers.

Course Wizard

Creating stunning and engaging courses or workshops has never been easier. FINTELO’s patented Course Wizard allows teachers and trainers to create, edit, or import courses and workshops on the fly. This leaves teachers and trainers with time to do what’s needed – teach and train!

Discussion Boards

Learners utilize the Threaded Discussion Groups to communicate with their peers, teacher or trainer in an asynchronous manner – allowing learners to communicate, read and reply to their peers’ posts at a time that is most convenient for them!

Intended Learning Outcomes

Establishing intended learning outcomes for each course or workshop, and/or lesson, provides benefits to its users. Explicitly-stated intended learning outcomes increase learners’ awareness of what’s required of them, allows teachers and trainers to evaluate and enhance their own teaching and curriculum, offers common ground for organizational departments, helps meet accreditation requirements, and provides the framework for course/workshop design and revision. FINTELO incorporates learning outcomes within every lesson that then can be aligned with the course/workshop intended learning outcomes.

Learning Centered Framework

Online courses, when developed most effectively, will focus on learning. For deep teaching to occur, learners construct their own learning and become “active” and fully engaged in the learning process. FINTELO’s foundation rests on current teaching and learning theory, as exemplified in FINTELO’s Teaching & Learning Cycle. FINTELO guides teachers and trainers to design an online experience centered around the learner by systematically aligning tasks, assignments, and discussions to the course or workshop intended learning outcomes.


FINTELO’s reports provide teachers and trainers with pertinent information about the performance and participation of their users – allowing them to visualize the needs of their learners – and can be used as a tool for decision making. Reports can be generated in today’s most convenient formats!

Virtual Office & Binder

FINTELO’s Virtual Office consists of a bookshelf, monitor, and binder. The Virtual Office allows users to easily navigate between courses/workshops, perform many key activities within FINTELO, and visually manage all their course/workshop information via announcements, tasks, calendar, grades, and much more.


In addition to chat and threaded discussion groups, FINTELO has a feedback feature. Feedback is a great system that facilitates meaningful discussion between learners and their teachers/trainers about particular work items – what’s working or not working – allowing teachers and trainers opportunities for mid-course corrections to enhance learning. FINTELO’s feedback feature is available for every assignment and/or assessment