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The purpose of Cybersecurity for Business Today is to inform and empower, arming today’s leaders with tools and insights as well as a practical understanding of cybersecurity.

As digital transformation, innovation and automation disrupt our world, cyber threats are real. This online learning opportunity gives you on-demand content with an overview of cybersecurity language, concepts, and caveats.

Section 1Introduction to the Course
Lesson 1Introduction to the Course
Lesson 2Daily Use of Cyber
Lesson 3Cyber Definitions
Lesson 4Why Can't We Just Unplug?
Lesson 5Layers to Security
Section 2Cyber risk questions
Lesson 6Cyber risk questions
Lesson 7Moving into The Cloud
Lesson 8Proactive IT conversations
Section 3Security applications & appliances
Lesson 9Security applications & appliances
Lesson 10Today’s largest threat: malware
Lesson 11What if hardware fails?
Lesson 12Blockchain: the future
Lesson 13Prevent & minimize breaches
Lesson 14Questions to ask now
Section 4Cybersecurity policies and procedures
Lesson 15Policy vs. procedure
Lesson 16Resumption planning
Lesson 17Risk iceberg
Lesson 18Risk assessment & email
Lesson 19Offensive security
Section 5Regulations that govern technology
Lesson 20Regulations governing tech
Lesson 21Ensure compliance
Lesson 22An active breach
Lesson 23Post breach: what now?
Lesson 24Cyber culture/Q&A
Section 6Let’s review cybersecurity basics
Lesson 25Course summary
Lesson 26Survey: your feedback
Final Quiz